Written and Illustrated
Lori Simunek

Mark the Giant is a story about a young giant that moves to a new town and feels like he doesn’t quite belong. With the help of a new friend, Mark learns that the town is more accepting then he thought.

A sweet, fun, rhyming book that is skillfully illustrated through watercolor and ink images. This picture book teaches children the importance of not only accepting others for who they are, but to accept themselves, as well as the self confidence they need to be different.

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“The message: Everyone is good at something and Mark the Giant is good at making pickles. The author’s water color illustrations capture Mark’s expressions with each adventure he encounters. Children will enjoy reading or listening to the singsongy rhyming verses of the story as Mark makes new friends in his new town.”

Karleen S.

“FIVE STARS! I have four kids ages 2-9 and they all loved this book! Worth every penny!!!”

Summer H.

“This is a great little book every youngster should have in their library. I have many nieces & nephews who love colorful & funny books and this one has it all! When the wee little ones bring you a book and say read to me, it becomes very interactive because they love to turn the pages. And with this it’s a surprise with each page turned.”

Diane H.

“This quickly became one of our kid’s favorite books!!”

Anna S.

“I received this book as a gift, and as a brand new grandfather, I can’t wait to read this to my granddaughter. I read this book myself and was immediately impressed by the story-telling flow this book has. I have also read it to 3 grandnieces and nephews, and I cannot tell you how captivated they were. Many children’s books have a moral and an easy to follow story, but this one takes it to another level.”

M. Lawrence K.

Lori Simunek is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles with her husband, Tim and their cat, Tilly.
After graduating from Rollins College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she turned her hopes and dreams westward to work in the famed entertainment business. After 10 years of writing blogs, commercials and numerous screenplays as well as dabbling in acting, voiceovers and production work, the idea to write a children’s book seemed to fall from the blue.
Upon completion of her first children’s book she discovered a true joy in creating stories for children. With this new found passion she plans to create more stories and characters that not only entertain children with fun illustrations and lyrical wording, but that will impart subtle, positive messages that will help her audience navigate their way through childhood and beyond.
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